Mild mannered bartender , superhero , and defender of the drunk!

One day a mild mannered bartender, the next after a fateful afternoon in a pawn show a superhero! Endowed with powers by the Grognox , he lives for the never ending quest for truth, justice and the inebriated way! Some day he may even read the manual for the Grognox to avoid … accidents. ( See lastcall #2 )



Delchi – ” The Geek “
“Neo-Paleo-Vegans? What do they eat, dogshit and tofu?”

Red – ” The Bartender “
“Well Red at the bar is a friend of mine , He watches my drink while I pee
He will listen to anything you have to say ,but he don’t give a shit, no siree…”

Sarah – ” The Brains “
“The .45 ACP golden saber is a girl’s best friend”

Big Al – ” Whiskey! “
“There are two kinds of people in this world – those who drink whiskey and fuck you.”

Thee Swank Bastards – ” The Band “
“I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith” … “What’s his other leg named?”


Radio DJ – WFCK FM Las Vegas
” All We Need Is You “

Bonnie Venture is a graduate of Sister Messy Jessie’s school for orphans and wayward girls. Although highly skilled in the automotive arts, she traded in her 10mm socket for a microphone and now spreads the news of the blues across the airwaves of Las Vegas.


Law Ninja – The only licensed nun-chucks in Las Vegas
” For Great Justice! “

Summoned by the Grognox , Bowtie represents all those who cry out for great justice. A master of nun-chuck dancing and an avid motorcycle rider he brings the message of constitutional law and karaoke to all those who need to hear it!


Founder of Sister Messy Jessie’s Home For Orphans and Wayward Girls
” Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration Don’t Fail us Now! “

Once a rock and roll party animal , Sister Messy Jessie now devotes her time to her orphanage and home for wayward girls. Taking orphans and those in need and training them to be the best auto mechanics and the sacred word of rock and roll. Don’t let the habit fool you , she can still rule a karaoke night and her girls are no strangers to both carburetor and fuel injected engines!